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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Rare Opportunity

"So we heard you guys are shutting down?" The young couple looks at me as I crumb their table lightly. "What's up with that?"

I simply smile at them my rehearsed smile. They can't be more than a few years my senior.

"Well actually we're already halfway there," I say, not missing a swipe. "The east wing is already closed, as far as I know." They blink at me curiously, clearly waiting for more depth. I tuck my crumber into my side pocket. "Umm... we're supposedly scheduled for a full shut down by the end of August..." Keep on false smiling, just look fake interested, buddy... fake the interest... "Let me get you the dessert menu."... Mr. and Mrs. Go-away-already.

I return to their table, menus in hand. "The first two that we see here are definitely our most popular desserts..."

"So what are you gonna do while you guys are closed?" The Mrs. cuts me off.

I'm hardly surprised. I clear my throat and I decide to go on the defense. "Well, the way most of us see it, three months of leave is a rare opportunity... not to be passed up."

"But you'll be out of work for three months!" Uh-huh... "Aren't you worried?" Hardly...

I clear my throat again. "Actually we have option to pick up work at Manele Bay, so it's not a crisis." They peer at me, and again it's obvious that they want more divulged. "To tell you the truth, some of us are looking forward to being able to leave for three months with out even having to ask for the time off." I pause, perhaps for emphasis. They're still silent. "Like I said, it's a rare opportunity."

"Oh..." the young Mrs. nods, "it's because you guys work so much, huh..." She smiles, satisfied with her natural intuitiveness.

Umm... No... Give me that menu so I can smack you with it. "Not really, ma'am." I clear my throat yet again. "It's just that we have a different work mentality here on Lana'i." They stare at me, blinking... waiting... "So, yah... I guess what I mean to say is there's more to life than just work."

The Mrs. smiles unassuredly, "Oh, okay, I see." No you don't. "So tell us about your desserts." Now you do...


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